Friday, May 10, 2013

sMom Day and Cup Cakes

For sMom Day my sDaughter gave me...

Individual serving bags of broccoli and White Chocolate Wonder. 
It is a flavored peanut butter and it is delicious.
I used it to top my cup cake.

It is a Casein cake but instead of cooking it in a bowl I used a cup. 
Topped it with Walden Farms zero calorie caramel sauce
 and on top of that the white chocolate wonder. 
I found a dark chocolate peanut butter too. I am going to try that next. 
I think it would be more visually pleasing
Why the seeming odd gifts? 
Since we started eating a more healthy diet
we have discovered a whole new world. 
It has been fun sharing this with her.


  1. chocolate and caramel...can't go wrong with that

  2. And it's healthy for you too. Lot's of protein. I don't use the oats in it. But sDaughter gave me some coconut flour to try. That will be tonight's experiment.

  3. Not crazy about white choc but dark choc pb sounds good. I personally like gifts I can actually use.
    I should hint for some sea salt, dark chocolate covered almonds for MD.

    1. Hint away!!
      My daughter asked what I wanted...I said lemon extract or some other delicious sounding extract. sDaughter and I went in on a creamy vanila casien. I'm thinking of all the delicious cakes we could make.

      I may need a protein intervention.