Thursday, November 18, 2010

What the ???

I don't know what happened earlier this week, but it was as if the whole universe exploded into a mash of needy chaos.  It was nuts.  It made me nuts.  Things seemed to have sorted themselves out...thank you Jebus...but it was really crazy and really intense for a few days.

Nano is sucking this year.
No, I am sucking at Nano this year.
I came into it with lovely pictures, a wonderful 3-D collage and that was about it.
The Discovery process.
In some ways it has helped.  The lovely pictures keep me going.
In some ways it has been a pain in my backside. I had no outline and am still wobbling about for a plot.  I think I have it and then it disappears.

I think that I just need to take a day.  Throw together a hasty outline and start the freak over.  I can mash the word count together at the end of Nano,but for now, every time I open the document I just feel like TOTAL failure.

I'll ponder what will be best to do.

Mostly, I just needed to post something and I figured why not whine ;)

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