Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm baaack

At least I think I am.

I has no fever.  I can breathe. Most importantly my mind seems to be working.
I tried to write yesterday, but nothing came.  I even considered quiting Nano.  For reals, it was that bad.

This morning I woke up and actually felt like waking up and not crawling back under the covers.  While walking the dog all kinds of potential for my story began to open up.  I got home plunked my arse in my chair and wrote almost 3,500 words.  Then I e-mailed Doug and now I'm blogging and I STILL have ten minutes before the girl gets up and we exercise.

Praise Jebus.  I think I could have taken being sick, but having no desire whatsoever to write, we are talking zero desire, that was hell right there, or at least one of the seven levels.  A pretty bad one if you ask me.

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