Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Got down to the last day before Nano ends and the story I SHOULD have been writing FINALLY comes to me.

I got caught up in the discovery process and was trying to force what I THOUGHT the story should be, not writing what the story was.  Finally on Sunday night I asked my freaking MC what SHE thought and she flat out told me that I had it all wrong. "It's not in the cards, it's in me," was all she would say.

Well, I had KNOWN that all along, but I kept focusing on the cards.  I spent a lot of time on the freaking cards I was going to use them damn it!! Oh, they are still a part, but only a small part and because I am not focusing on them I was able to focus on other things, other beginnings and finally last night the story began to flow.  If it were not month end I would have called in sick.

The excitment I use to feel for Nano returned. I suddenly was looking at where I stood in the word war and wanted to do better.  Everything that had always been Nano to me, came to me on the last freaking day.

What have I learned?  The discovery process was awesome, but for me I need to also include discovery writing and outlining while I'm in the process of discovering.  I put so much effort into the discovery process that I was unwilling to bend when I needed to bend.  I loved my 3D collage, my magical shelf, and all that I'd done so much I wasn't willing to throw it all away and start over.

When I finally let go what I discovered was that I didn't need to start over.  I just needed to stop being so rigid and trying to force the story into the mold I had determined for it.  All I can say is, YaY!!

Nano was a war this year, a war I won if you look at word count. But more importantly it was a learning experience that I hope I never forget.

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