Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh Dear Spirits

In the process of using Write or Die to bolster my word count I set it on 1,500 words for 30 minutes.  I've proven that I can do that.

Then I wanted to beat my old record and I knew I needed at least 1,700.  I saw the possibility for 1,800 words and I went for it.  The problem was at the end I got stress and tightened up and couldn't think and I couldn't type. When I saw what I'd written it sounded like my story was Meg Ryan at the restaurant when she faked an orgasm. I was trying to think what to write and it came out Oh, oh, oh, oh, I, I, I, Oh, oh, oh.

I laughed so hard I cried.

Hey, all words count in Nano.

And for the record it was 30 minutes, not 31. I hit 1,800 words and tried to stop the clock. I couldn't find the freaking mouse to click on DONE before it rolled to the 31.  I wasn't typing, I was looking for the mouse.  YES, it was right there on the desk, but the pointer thingy wasn't playing nice.  HONEST!!

Do you realize that it is only 60 wpm.
My mother could type over 100 wpm on a MANUAL typewriter.
I bet she's up there thinking I'm a dorf for being all proud of 1,800 words.
Of course it is not just typing copy, but thinking it up as you go along.

Wow, now that I know I could maybe type faster, this is awesome.
Next time Bob is not allowed to sit on my arm as I type, that will help.
I'm so freaking competitive during Nano.  It's disgusting.

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