Friday, November 26, 2010


I officially crossed over and became purple today on Nano.
On the Nano site the purple bar denotes that I made the 50K in word count.  It was like pulling teeth this year. A total struggle. But that is okay. It's good to fight for a story that has potential, even when that story keeps bitch slapping you.

"How DARE you write me as a Nano novel.  I've heard what drivel comes out of Nano," the story screamed at the author, shaking its type and threatening to delete the whole thing.

"But good things come out of Nano too.  Novels have been published that started out as a Nano. Won't you just work with me?" the author begged.

"Fine!  Here's your 50,000 words.  Now what do you intend to do with it?" The story asked. A tear slid down the monitor kind of freaking the author out.

"I have five days left of Nano.  I intend to start at the very beginning and finally write the story I wanted to write all along.  That is if you'll be so kind and allow this story to be written," the author replied.  "It will help SLC's word count in the word war.  You know that this year I have not been very helpful on that front."

When the novel didn't respond the author decided that it had acquiesced by its silence and wandered off to a clean white screen where she could begin a new.

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