Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh, I see it now...

Okay, I chat with my critters all the time. I even answer for them.  After seeing Garfield minus Garfield, I suddenly understand how my neighbors must see me.

ahaha I carry on a one sided conversations, that are complete in my head.
I can only imagine what my neighbors must think.
Wow, if I'd been born in another time I'm thinking I'd either be in motley or be the crazy lady everyone avoids.


  1. I'm always talking to myself, when I'm not talking to cats or ants or inanimate objects. hehe

  2. My husband and I talk to our cats ALL and time, and answer for them. And amuse each other with the answers. We sing to our cats too. Lately I'm practicing my French, so now I talks to them en Français.

  3. This is awesome!! It is good to not be alone in the universe.

    Wonder if the critters ever think..."well, that's not exactily what I'd have said, but close enough." ;)