Sunday, March 27, 2011

What's wrong with this picture?

What's wrong is that it is the mother's story.  The mother's story is all back story.  It is not the story I want to tell.  And my story has been fighting me. Like duh!!

This revelation happened yesterday when I realized that my setting pictures below my 'magical shelf" was not my setting now. The story had changed.  So began  the process of discovery for the story I'm writing.  Below is my new setting.

Then I realized that the board for the people in my story was also horribly wrong.  The light bulb, it was the mother's story. Not the daughter's.  So I changed that as well. 

Oh gods, yes. That is Jacob from the 'Twilight' saga.  Samil is dark and he was the only actor I could think of that had the dark coloring.  Okay, I lie.  He really does it for me and I think Bella was a total fool.  Just saying!!

Here's the total package.  It is what I see as I write.  Love it.
The little lizard is my vestigial tail.  In the original story he played a part, and I just can't bring myself to make him go away.  So he stays.  Maybe he's right and he is important.  Maybe not.


  1. I know nothing about this porcess, I'll get that out of the way first. But that collage with the stone staircase, the archways, the doors, the portals of all types .... that just grabs me! So beautiful, thank you for sharing it. Hope the re-arranging helps.

  2. The discovery process is allowing yourself to play. To just go with what feels right... find things and discover your characters.

    Initially you use a 'known' person as a place holder for voice. Later your character becomes their own person. I never know how the pictures will go together until they are on the board and it begins to tell me alot about what will happen.

    I liked the portals too. They just felt right.

  3. Nice! It's fun to see other writers' processes. I don't make collages, but massive collections of images and notes in Scrivener.

    A few Nanowrimos ago I decided to Nano the great-grandmother's story, not because it was going to be part of the actual book, but because the backstory was so important plot-wise to the present, I figured I'd just write the damned thing out and really nail it down using Nano. And I enjoyed it so much, I'll probably end up having it as a parallel story. So you never know what'll come out of these things!

  4. That is really awesome. I love Nano.

    I've heard so many good things about Scrivener, I need to look again and see if it is out for PC yet.