Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sometimes it comes back and...

Sometime you can pay it forward.

I had the opportunity to pay something forward today.  My son, Jake, is my...go to guy... he is the one with the ability to try and figure out what his crazy mother needs and fix the problem.

Before I'd call my son I'd think, what would Jake do? and I'd try to figure it out all by myself.  Even if I ended up calling Jake, it was okay 'cause at least I'd tried and there were times when I did it. YaY.

Today I had the opportunity to 'pay it forward'.  One of our employees that works from home is about 100 years old... okay 89, and he gets frustrated with all the new fangeld technology. Fax machines and the like.

(Since he works from home I've only ever met him once, but we do have occasion to talk on the phone and I try to talk him through a senior moment or two. It is the gods own luck that we have not both had a senior moment at the same time. ; )

He called me with a non-work related question.  How can I fax to Japan?  I tell him what I know, that there are codes and what not.  He says he has Japan's code. (I was impressed) However, it still won't go through.

I thought, what has Jake done in the past?
He jumps on line and googles it.

I did it!!! YAY!!!!

I was able to payforward a small portion of all that Jake has done for me.
Love ya buddy!!!

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  1. I LOVE it when the teaching of our kids has become the learning, and then we can share. Way to go Mom of Jake!