Monday, July 4, 2011

Cat o'clock

Chester and I were out walking and it was as if every cat in the neighborhood came out for the parade.  The first cat was a very brave cat.  Wasn't leaving that spot no way, no how.   I will detour Chester when I see the critters of the night, but I hadn't seen this cat. Chester was out the full length of his leash.  While I was reeling in this bouncing, pouncing pup, that cat held its ground. All arched up and meaning business, but there is only so much bravery in the face of a bouncing, tail wagging dog to be had.

Then we discovered the reason for the cat's fierceness. 
Chester saved a mouse from being breakfast, or at least gave it a bit of a chance.
The cat actually followed us down the street.  I told Chester to watch his back as we'd pissed off that cat royally. I think it told its friends too 'cause there were cats EVERYWHERE.  It was like being in an Alfred Hitchcock movie or Stephen King novel.

Seeing the mouse scurry away I thought... yay saved a mouse.
Then I thought.... boo starved a kitty.
However a determined cat will not be deterred from the course of his breakfast and as we were coming back to the house I saw that while we may have saved a mouse, it led to a birds demise.  The cat seemed a bit smug as we walked passed, but then maybe it's just me.


  1. Hehe, love it - Cat o'clock! I'm a cat lady so I like a good feline. :P

  2. Cats everywhere? Yeah that'd be a Hitchcock horror spectacular for me.... gah!
    (I agree with Trisha The Cat Lady though, great title!)

  3. I love cats but they can be smug. They can also be vicious little killers.

    I held my cat, Bernie, while I put tick and flea stop on him earlier. Now I feel like critters are crawling on me. I haven't seen any, so it's all in my head.

    Damn cats.

  4. The cat was back this morning. I saw him and so I inquired as to his breakfast. Not sure if he thought it was funny, he just continued to stare.