Thursday, September 1, 2011


Took the G-kids to dinner. 
Lane - third grade
Eve - first grade
James - very proud, backpack wearing soon to be pre-school.

Doug is of the opinion that eating out should not be something you could cook at home.  We've tried and enjoyed all sorts of fun dishes.  He wanted the kids to have the same experience and we took them to an Indian restaurant. We ordered two entrees and some appetizers for everyone to share. With the two entrees came two little balls for desert, not sure what they are called, but they are delicious.

Eve perused the desert situation, looks thoughtful and proclaims, "We will each get to have 2/5ths of the desert.

Impressive.  But that's not what impressed me the most.  We've already ascertained that all Hendrick's have more IQ points than legally allowed.

James leaned forward and said, "Does that mean we each get two pieces?"

Yes!! **snoopy dances**  **Rocky punches**
Finally a G-kid on my IQ level!!  Of course pre-school starts next week and so it will be all down hill from there... but for one brief shiny moment I could relate to a G-Kid.


  1. I adore my gkids. We're on different wavelengths, too, but we make it work. Kat is the artistic type. Jay is the mechanical type. I am the book type. We have our fun, though.

    Your dinner out sounds yummy.


    I had two grandparents for most of my growing up. My dad's mother and I don't see eye to eye that much. We love each other, but I find her closed-minded and I assume she thinks I'm a hippie (though after her 4th daughter I doubt this phases her.) But my mom's dad was an English Lit professor, so I just loved being around him and his books, and being taken to the faculty club for lunch with his professor friends. :-)