Saturday, July 30, 2011

Seems silly, but I like the process.

I went back to the store.  I had to go back to the store. When I was originally wandering I saw dragonflies and I wanted them, no, no, no I said to myself what have dragonflies got to do with it?  I assumed that it was just me 'cause dragonflies are my very favoritest bug.

Thursday I wanted them again and on Friday I finally went back and they had ONE left.  I grabbed it, paid my buck and ran home to see if they really belonged.  They do.  Though I'm not sure why yet...

I found a home for my people.  However, in the story there will be trees.  Not the three little trees that can be seen in the photo. More of a wooded area.  Oh look, they have a horse. YaY!

Part of the process is to cast the story using characters from movies.  It gives you a voice in your head so all the characters don't all sound the same.  Someone cast as William Shatner would not talk like Morgan Freeman, kind of thing.    I have such a strong sense of who Mrs. Fanny Bottomwacker is that I just can't seem to find someone to play the part.  I thought that perhaps Angela Lansbury might work, I wanted someone quirky but it just wasn't right.

As a lark I googled Fanny's name... scanned the list carefully, fearful of what MIGHT pop up.  Nothing, just Fanny, Bottom, Wacker.  Then I realized that google had thought me totally mad and wasn't looking for what I wanted.  No, I meant Fanny Bottomwacker.  Gave it a little mousy click and only my blog came up.  Okay then, no pictures of a real Fanny B.  Oh lament.

This is the closest picture of Fanny that I've found.  Wait a minute... does she have a bolt in her neck?  Franken Fanny?  Dear Spirits noooooooo.
The quest continues.

Several hours later...

Okay - It's a sign. 

I went out to feed the porch kitties and was SWARMED by dragonflies.  It was totally awesome.  They danced about my forsythia and one landed on on my day lily.  I chatted with it for a bit and then I said, "If I go in and get my camera will you wait for me?"  He did.  Some of his friends came to pose too.  I tried to get a shot of them but it was too hard to see them all.  I settled for a photo of the first dragonfly and his buddy right behind him.  So that's it - dragonflies or dragonfly symbolism or something dragonflyish has got to be a part of my story.


  1. The discover process is very fun.
    Thank you Lani Diane Rich.

    Still don't know the name for the cat.

  2. I want to live in that house!

  3. I wnnt the turret room on the third floor. Yep. That's what I want...

  4. This is SO cool! Yes, I want to live there too, by now all the small trees have gotten much bigger. Yipee for the dragonfly messages!
    (you could call the cat Dog)

  5. ahaha I might just do that. Every one in this story is going to have a whacky name. Could work. =)

  6. I know, a tiger stripe cat named Spot. That would be absurd. I like it.

    Almost as good as Jess's pill bug named Fluffy. True story. I love that kid. She's as crazy as her mom.