Sunday, September 9, 2012

Decent into winter

In The Game of Thrones, Winter is always coming.
Much like my mind set.

With the summer Solstice... it is:  "All down hill."

When Orion graces the early morning sky, (Dog walking time) I can no longer ignore that the seasons are  upon us.  The cold is coming.

Last week I turned on the heater in my car one day and needed the rear window defrost the next. Just to clear the mist mind you.

Oh, Lament!!
Big Sigh...

Damn Orion and his Winter sky anyway!!!


  1. Whereas our cold is going away :( Booo summer!

  2. Trying to think of winter in a good way this year. Summer was really tough. I'm ready for some cold.

  3. And here I am, loving the cooler weather and feeling the start of a new year. Summer depresses me so I'm glad it's over.

  4. I'm with Betty Bear, I like the colder weather. I didn't used to (when I was skinny), but now it's just right for cozying up with warm drinks and a WIP or two. And a little quilting, just for the snuggle factor.

  5. People keep telling me I don't have to feel this way now cause I'm on the West Coast. We'll see...

  6. I'm totally with you. Most are reveling in the cooler temps here-- not me! I am mourning the loss of summer.

  7. I'm working on embrasing the cold...
    It's a struggle. =)