Saturday, September 22, 2012

The things you do for your daughter...

I kinda knew that I'd have to wear a dress.
I knew she wanted black.

I thought... awesome, I will finally have a dress I can wear to funerals and the mormons won't scowl at me for wearing pants in their sacred zone.

Lord, this is NOT a funeral dress.

But it was important to the girl.
That made it important to me.

I've told her all along that her wedding was hers.  F*** what other people told her.  This is YOUR time to do what YOU want.  And she wanted this of me.  I was uncomfortable, but I complied.

I was shaking, truth to tell, this was so, NOT ME.  But in the sizing, I found a dress that I would wear.  It was a fluke. The gal brought a dress to figure out my size  and I liked it. 

I'll share the photo if Jess sends it.  It will be all in black, not in bumble bee yellow.

I am such a simple person, this is totally out of my league.

ahahaha I need to find shoes that Jamie (my sDaughter) would wear.  I can do that.

Totally crazy.
But I'd do anything for that girl.
She wrapped me around her heart the day she was born and has held me captive ever since.


  1. Good Lord...a dress???? I haven't worn anything that showed my legs since 1996. You must really love her a lot lol.

    1. Oh, this is long and no leg is shown. Praise the powers that be!!

  2. Those damn kids......

    (I am so happy for you all, this is MOST exciting!)

    1. It is exciting. It is crazy. Damn kids!!! Love 'em.

  3. When we write your bio it will be called

    Trauma of a Non-Funereal Black Dress

    (Oh man I hope there's gonna be that photo!!)

    1. OMG that is such a great title!!!

      I haven't gotten it yet. I'll request it again. Sometimes her phone is less than willing to share. I tried to see if I could post it from my phone and I saw the message she sent. It read "Mom in a dress!!!"

  4. You'll look terrific! And i know what you mean by those daughters, but I find my heart turns more easily for my son. Our kids have our hearts all twisted in knots.