Sunday, September 2, 2012

Names have power

You read about it in all the best fiction.  I did not understand it until today.

I had the opportunityt to love on a pit bull.  I love critters.  I asked permission to love on the pup and this is what happened.  While I was loving on him I looked him in the eye and told him that he was a pit bull. 

I know they get bad press, but a dog is the embodiment of his people.  Bad people produce bad dogs. Just say'n.

I had a moment and had to ask Julie about it. 

Names have power.  Pit Bull? English Bull? Sagittarius? 

How is it that you define yourself?
Names have power.  Big sigh.  This is something I need to explore.;


  1. One of my names is atheist and in the middle of the bible belt it is really important to me. It's one way I can establish that I am not part of the frequently-bigoted, regular church goers around here.
    When I hear something particularly awful, it's comforting to be able to remind myself, I'm an atheist, I'm not part of that.

    1. When I began a stay at a new place. I always had a wine cooler sunday. Just to make certain the indiginous people knew that I was not them. ;)

  2. Nanaimo's a bit more church-going than I'm used to in Montreal. At least it seems that way. Presumably because the population is older. But still, the idea of doing something on Sunday to signify I'm not a church goer... no one back in Montreal would get that. Would never occur to me! Interesting.