Sunday, September 30, 2012

Winging it

I had a thought.
The thought drove me to the computer
this happens all too much...
I can't remember what was all so important.

I dunno.

So I will go with random.

Chester's blood count is good. YaY!!
His weight sucks and that is NOT good.
I whined at them all summer because of his weight gain.
NOW they care?

Whatever, now we deal with this.

My sDaughter and a beloved friend are starting a blogJ
Jamie and Ali

I have a new grand puppy.
Jud will send photos when such are taken.
He is a golden lab, chester mom, austrailin mix.

His eye are blue and brown.

He is a love bucket.

Reg needed a friend and he chose, are you ready?
Captain Barbosa

Oh my lord....
Lord Reginald meets Captain Barbos and they like each other.

Will post pictures when supplied.

I told Doug we had a new grand baby and he inquirerd "What Species?"


  1. Nothing quite like that unconditional love a pet can give you.

  2. Can I choose books? I know they don't breathe - but they live.

  3. I have been wishing I had a dog recently. I should be like you and just count my daughter's dogs as my own grandchildren or puppies. She's definitely got two spoiled children- now I will just count them as my own. Cheers!

  4. Love you sMom! I am excited to be in the blogger world!