Sunday, September 16, 2012

Go Utes!!

I went in to get a body wave.
Had I been a couger fan I would have wondered as to their motive.
As it was, I came out with a perm.

Not what I was intending, but it could have been worse.

Outcome of the game

At least the process was fun.  All but one was a Ute fan.  They were major gung ho Utes.  I got my face panted and everything.  It was crazy fun.

This is the second time I've described what it is I wanted. 
This is the second time I came away with not what I wanted.
This time. at least I don't look like Motzart.
But only by a little.

Damn it!!


  1. I gave up on a major overhaul of my appearance years I just go with what I've been given.

    1. My hair is so thin that I HAVE to do something with it. I chose the perm method because using hair torture devices daily was just so hard on it. I know chemicals are too.

      It is what it is.
      = )

  2. I had a friend in high school who continued to see the same stylist (her mother paid) and continued to get perms that were too tight and not what she wanted. She also continued to zip home immediately and wash most of the chemicals right down the drain.

    My sympathies.

    1. I had contemplated the 'wash it out' method of relazing my hair. If my daughter's wedding wasn't in a few weeks, I probably would have taken the chance. As it is I'll just smile and accept it for what it is.

      It's not like it is 'bad'. Just not what I wanted.

  3. I have actually ceased going to hairdressers. I pay out too much money to walk back out and go "Wha??? What happened?" in a confused tone and then go home, wash my hair the next morning and say, "Argh." I now cut my own hair. But as my hair is super curly it's easier for me than most.

    1. I tried cutting my hair once. They make it look so easy in the movies. ahahahaha

  4. Oh my. Maybe switch hair dressers? I come out with hair very different than that which I described, but mine grows back/falls out fast (damn PCOS), so I never worry about it. Whatever I got will always look vastly different in a week.

    (You must be so excited/anxious about that wedding!)