Wednesday, April 20, 2011

G-Kids go skiing with Habojee

This is Eve and James.  Habojee (Grandpa) took them skiing yesterday. 

Here's one of Laine. 

They were fortunate that Doug (Habojee) had a student teacher that was a ski instructor in another life, she even specialized in teaching kids how to ski. 

I'm not fond of the white stuff myself, but hey if you live in Utah might as well get some enjoyment from it. I can think of nothing better than watching footage of other people freezing their behinds off while I'm nice and warm.  Yep, enjoyment at its finest.
Then he took Laine and Eve the next day so they could try some harder runs.
Um, Eve had a helmet, but wasn't she awfully close to that pole?
Had I been shooting that footage the expletives would have made it unfit for airing.

It would be great to be fearless.

And now I'll bore you no further with my home movies.
= )