Sunday, April 10, 2011

Things that excite me...

I have a deck of cards that are sort of a writer's prompt kind of thing....

I drew "Things that Excite me"

This does. 

My oldest boy, a hundred years ago,  needed his daddy and I let him go.  I won't even begin to try and defend what an "actual' mother would have done.  I have done my time in "mother's hell" and I'd make the same decision. I could not give my child what he needed and social mores be damned, if a father is what he needed, a father is what he would have.

Perhaps it is what a 'real' mother would have done.

What was forged between us was this wonderful 'sameness'.  It still amazes me that a child that only knew five summers with me would be so much like me. He introduced me to fantasy and we spent every Sunday evening talking about the latest book he'd introduced me to.

Game of Thrones is a series of books that we read.  Along with Jordan, Feist and others.  Next Sunday HBO has created a series for Game of Thrones.   I tried to make alink.  

So it is a "click here' kind of link, but I am excited to share this with you and again with my aged (30 year old) son.  We have a bond that surpasses time... and though I did not raise him... it takes one look to know that I"m his mum.  Genetics what a crazy thing.  I'm glad he came home to me. Thrice. Once when his father kicked him out. Once when he returned from the military and once when he just came home. I am a blessed woman.


  1. You truly are blessed, and that equals "good mom" too.

  2. Sounds like it worked out for him, and that's all that counts. My brother and I just lived with our dad (and then step-mum) after a certain point, but I spent long holidays with my mother twice a year and she still had a huge influence on my life, and we have a great relationship.