Friday, April 29, 2011

True Confessions

I'm just putting it out there now. 
I cheated.
My husband is aware, and in fact was with me when it happened.
Yep.  I ate cooked spinach. 

I started a new diet.  It is a Doctor supervised kind of thing. My attempts at Weight Watchers was an epic fail. AGAIN.  I know where I go wrong with them, I've tried them twice.  There is something with me and beating a dead horse or something, I never seem to learn after the FIRST time.  I KNOW if I eat bread what it will do to me, but hey WW says I need to eat it and I willingly fall into the trap.

My husband smiles and says, "The body weighs what it wants to weigh."
I love you. NO.  My body is going to weigh what I want it to weigh, damn it!!!

There is actually some truth to what Doug says, something about set point and when you've been at a certain weight for a while the body likes it and will fight to keep it.  You can reset it, you just have to commit to getting the weight off and keeping it off.  In time the body will reset.

I guess normal people go on a 'detox' phase of the diet for three days.  Gets them past sugar cravings etc and they are then on to the actual diet.  However, I have proven once again, that I am not normal.

The Doctor looked at me and said, "You are packing a lot more water than people normally do. If you can do it I want you to stay on the detox diet for two weeks."

At the time it was like, "Sure Doc, meat and raw green veggies.  This is not tough for me."  I LOVE veggies and I love meat. However, I have to tell you that there are only so many GREEN veggies out there (peas are excluded) and while I love meat, you can only eat so much chicken.  It has been a bit of a struggle.  Worth it as I've already lost 8 pounds, but a struggle none the less.

Last night Doug and I went out to dinner.  Carefully plotting where I could eat we decided on Golden Coral. They have a salad bar and meat.  What joy is mine. ;)))

I started with  a nice salad and while they didn't have olive oil and vinegar they did have a fat free Italian and that's acceptable.  Then I went back for the meat.  Found chicken and some sort of beastie that was unbreaded but I wanted something besides meat on my plate and there was no way in hell it was going to be salad.
That's when I saw it.  Spinach... it tempted me with it's dark green goodness, beckoning unto me to just try a little, just a little bit, I won't tell if you don't.   On the plate it went.  I got back to the table smiled at my husband and said, "You don't see this."  He dutifully replied, "See what?"

And that's when I cheated.


  1. But why is spinach bad?

    Gawd you are singing my song once more, we are SO twins in this too. Husband started his diet without me (there are still cookies in the house I need to get rid of).
    (OH! Never mind. I see, it was COOKED spinach!)

  2. I'm inclined to agree with Doug, but best of luck! :-) Did you join the gang over at Bonafide's blog who are all deciding to eat better together? If you need strength in numbers that's the place to be.

  3. Julie -
    I know it sounds crazy but for the first two weeks nothing but RAW veggies. As of today I can eat cooked veggies. YaY It has something to do with once a veggie is cooked the fiber turns to starch and the 3 cups of raw veggies that were free suddenly turn into 30 carbs.

    London Mabel -
    I didn't realize Bonafide had something like that going on. I will check it out. Thanks.