Monday, April 18, 2011

Yellow Cat Lady

About a week and a half ago I mentioned hearing my neighbor lady sobbing because her cat had died.  I thought the cat was unique because it always walked with the dogs.

I now think it is my neighbor who is unique.  She apparently got another cat, tan coat with a ring tail.  Part Siamese maybe?  Whatever. That cat is now walking with the dogs.  You can tell she's training it as it didn't follow as faithfully as Yellow Cat did, but Ring Tail wasn't doing too bad.

Sorry for the lack of posts I was major sick last week and the only thing I thought about was bed and how to crawl under the covers and stay there. 


  1. Ohhh glad you're feeling better.

    Maybe she brings treats along!

    Mind, when we had an outdoor cat, when I was a kid, he would often trail through the underbrush if we took a walk after supper. Cats are friendlier than we like to credit them for. In my home, our cats tend to trail about and hang around in the same rooms as us.

  2. The treat thing makes sense to me. We have an indoor cat, Bob, and while he loves hanging out with us, I do not see him ever deigning to follow the dog.

    I have a few homeless that I feed. Lots of forecloures and lots of people thinks it's less cruel to abandom them.