Saturday, April 30, 2011

Still winter in Utah

I awoke to winter whiteness.  = (

Chester and I headed down to the bog.  It was bright not only from the snow that was PILED on the ground, and decorating the trees, but I also woke up very late for me.  Down at the bog the "lady" cattails had snow piled up on the top of their stalks, looking much like the Royals at yesterday's wedding. 

Chester decided that we needed to explore the middle of the bog.  It was cold enough I figured I wouldn't get my feet wet or sink in the mud, so down the middle we went.  One should never mock the females of the cattail line.  For one, they tower over me, and since the wedding was over they suddenly felt the need to shed themselves of their lovely white chapeau's.

By the time I got out of the bog I looked like I'd been in a major snow storm.


  1. Oh hell, you poor thing. On the plus side, I just saw that you are on twitter, so now I'm following you.

  2. Oh Julie,
    I forgot that I had a tweet account. In a writers conference the whole social media thing was VERY important and a twitter account was one they had us create. They never did tell us up and coming writers what to tweet though.

    Would "Story is kicking my @$$ gone to seek medical attention for the hemoraging." be appropriate?

    Do you tweet? What do you twitter?