Monday, December 26, 2011

Critter Christmas

I charged the camera - had it out of the case and was ready to go when the kids arrived and then did not take any pictures.  Didn't even think about it.  >.<  Doh!!

I did, however, get some pictures of the critters Christmas morning. 

We'll begin with Chester

Chester loves peanut butter - his favorite time is when the jar is finally empty and he gets to have it.  This is some sort of pnut butter in a can.  He is intrigued.

And bones too?  Knotty bones??  Heaven!!

Wait.  What?? Knotty bones AND peanut butter?  I love you girl.

He spent the rest of the morning tossing his bone at us.  "Hey, it's out of peanut butter."  We complied as it was Christmas and all.

Bob wasn't left out though he was starting to think perhaps he was...
He started complaining to Stavo - "Dude, the dog got two presents what about me?"

"That's not peanut butter it's... oh, its....Nip!!"

It's a happy Bob!!

The Pigs got a little tikki hut.  Pumpkin aka Plumpkin and Nutmeg aka Pip Squeak are in the photo.  Autumn was hiding in the house.  "What is this flashy thing and why does Nana keep doing that?"

We told Chester that the boys were coming and he took up his spot and waited.

The kids surprised me, I mean, Santa surprised me and brought a couple of gifts too.  Mom told the kids that Santa was gonna get his ass kicked.  They just laughed at me.

Jess and Stavo Santa gifts
All kinds of fun things here - Calendars, face masks, a gargoyle, tea, wasabi peas, lip balm, foot stuff. It was quite the haul. 

The Boy's Santa

Chocolate covered pretzels, nuts and that jolly fella in the center...
 he sings and dances around. 
I'll have to see if we can get video of it because it is so freaking cute.

All in all it was a wonderful day.  Stavo made sweet rolls and bacon for the masses.  We exchanged gifts and amazingly everyone got what they wanted.  (We draw names and basically tell the people what we'd like. Keeps the season simple!)  


  1. What a wonderful Christmas....

  2. OMG those tiki huts are fantastic! Lucky pigs. (And lucky the rest of you, too, by the look of it. :) )

  3. Dan votes with Dee, Tiki Hut is his favorite! (LOL "Plumpkin")

    So glad your holiday was festive and fun, thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. It was a great holiday.

    The pigs really love the hut and they can eat it too. Really it don't get no better than that. Roll out of bed, nibble on the wall, go back to sleep.

  5. Love the tiki hut! That is awesome!

  6. Ooh happy animals and peoples. I laughed out loud at the tiki huts, they're so cute!