Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!!

I know a gal who is of similar age and she HATES birthdays.
I love them!!  How can you hate that which brought us to this moment in time?

I am a crone and am proud of it.
My hair is graying, okay more gray than not-- I am okay with it, generally ;)
My face is wrinkling -- I am okay with that too.

I have a terrific children and am married to a wonderful man.
It don't get no better than this.

I have been major spoiled this B-day.  It has been a B-Day month and I love it.

DH gave me a Kindle Fire -- happy, happy, joy, joy... I am totally loving this thing.  The first book I bought was by Kate George.  Moon Lighting in Vermont.  Gotta support our own.  What a great book.  Read it in one day.  I also bought California Screaming, but have not started it yet. Got busy with other things... I'm such a book whore.  Love it.

The boys gave me a TV and Stand.
At T-Day I got a movie to watch and I guess my old TV had all the action outside the screen? Had I been asked I would have said the old TV was perfectly fine.  I must admit the new TV is really awesome.  Thanks boys.

Jess and Stavo gave me Scrivener -- a writing program that I've been lusting after for a year now.  It was made for Mac, but I have windows and everyone talked and talked and talked about Scrivener and how wondrous it was.  Then they started beta testing it for windows.  If I was less of a computer klutz I would have been on the band wagon, but I suck when it comes to stuff like that and so I waited for the product to be 'ready'.  And ready it is!!!  YaY.

I've been working through the tutorial.
Work.  Work is the right word. Trying to read and understand what it is telling me.  Finding everything.  What is left and what is right and thinking I know and still getting it confused.  This is a sad but true fact.  I have trouble with left and right.  Port and Starboard are no better.  Damn near ran down another boat with Doug screaming, 'Your other Port!!!"

I am excited to work through the tutorial and start on my own project.  Fleshing out my Nano.

What I really love, it noted that the tutorial was the Brit version.  And that's cool.  But this is the best line ever....after struggling through this tutorial for a couple of hours... normal people would have whizzed through it... I am not normal, but I get were I'm going, generally.  I digress... best line ever.

"now you really do need that cup of tea, and probably another biscuit too."

Oh god yes, but make mine coffee and some breakfast and we have a deal!!

After this I'm ready to tackle round two.

At work I got flowers and amazon gift cards to support my new habit.  Very nice.

It is just my B-Day morn, but it is gonna be a grand day.


  1. Oh happy day......

  2. Happy Happy to you! And what exciting gifts. I LOVE that British line too. Can't you just hear it in great accent?

  3. What an excellent birthday! Happy day, even tho' I'm two days late!

  4. Happy birthday and you totally have the right attitude!!! If only everyone thought that way!

  5. Happy Birthday! Sorry I didn't get by sooner. It's been hectic with all the Christmas prep. I'm sure you're used to your birthday being a little neglected because of Christmas. Anyway... hope last year was good for you and that another good year lies ahead!