Sunday, December 11, 2011

New 'Penny Kid'...

Stavo had to work Saturday morning.  Jess and I went out to score a little Christmas cheer.  Found it!!  We stopped by PetCo to donate food for the homeless critters and while we were there... one thing let to another and... Everyone meet Nutmeg.  

We wondered how long it would take Stavo to figure out what we had done.  He took one look at Jess and said, "What have you done?"

It's out of focus, but I was trying to be sneaky, a paparazzi I'm not.  ahahaha  I love that he immediately knew that Jess up to something.  We now have three pigs, Autumn, Pumpkin Pie and Nutmeg.


  1. Awww, what a cutie. I want to give it a snuggle! I've never had guinea pigs before but I've always thought they were cute!

  2. Before we had one, I thought they were just a pile of fur that skittled through a cage. Didn't see the appeal, but after having one... their personalities are so danged cute. Fun, fun, cuties.

  3. We've had hampsters before but never the pigs. They look like fun though.

  4. Obviuosly she needed a good home and you were there to give it to her. Lucky critter

  5. LOL! You can't just have ONE Penny Kid!!! (Or two, apparently.)

    Besides, in the wild they live in familial herds, this is better for them. I'm so proud of you guys, lol. Wow, makes us miss ours (which we usually had in bunches too).

    Wave wave, welcome Nutmeg.

  6. Nutmeg waives back!!

    They do seem to enjoy having a herd of girl. The kids have their sites set on a new 'home' for them with their tax money. Two feet longer and at least double the width.

    There was one pig that I was partial to. Her life is a perpetual bad hair day. (kindred spirits I suppose) She has whorls and cowlicks and even a little unicorn bump on her nose. Alas, her personality didn't seem like it would mesh with the two girls at home. I have enough conflict in other areas of my life, don't need it at home with the Penny Kids. ;)