Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve and Gate to Hell...

But not in the same sentence...

Our Christmas Tree (Solstice lighting)

See the cow?  The boys last name has Cow in it and they once thought of starting a coffee shop in Portland named ... oh, maybe I'm not at liberty to say... it is like the Spotted Owl, but not... needless to say when we found the spotted cow ornaments... had to have.  This year's addition is the little owl that peeks at us from the tree.  I am very pleased he found me.

And on to the Gates of Hell. 

I didn't know this existed. My office window was the one you can just see in the picture.  I worked here for a month a lifetime ago.  It is referred to as Hell.  I work next door these days.  People ask where we are located and I'm tempted to say, "As close to hell as you can get and not be there."  A few days ago I parked in a new location and when I came out I saw the Gates to Hell.  I of course took a picture and am sharing it with you..

One would expect the gates to hell to seem more ominous somehow... trust me, evil lurks in that building, the kind that Stephen King is afraid to speak of... if the devil walks in this world, he works there. 


  1. Wow....let's all steer clear of that place.

  2. They do look pretty innocent, but I suppose it works better that way!

  3. We have lots of spotted cows on our farm If you ever need a mascot....

  4. Festive cows and owls, perfection! Lol, nice Gates.

  5. I was shocked when I saw the gate. I might have to venture over sometime if I think the devil is out and see how I missed it from that side of hell. Of course, perhaps when you are in hell you can't see the gate... it is just there on the good side of the universe letting people know that there is potential to enter. Be Ye Warned!!

    Love the cow and the owl and if they need a mascot we know where to go.

  6. Abandon hope all ye who enter here! You should spray paint that on the outside, but in the original Dante Italian.