Saturday, December 3, 2011

I work in a crazy place...

But you all figured that out on Halloween when we tormented my boss and all came dressed as cats.

It gets of the girls, who I adore and have worked with forever, has a swim suit in her office that she should have taken back last May.  We were laughing about it, one thing led to another and...

Our boss comes in, shakes his head and leaves.

Jamie has a heater in her office. It is a Pelonis and it dawned on me one day that minus a few letters this could be funny. So I, of course, immediately took out the letters.

At first we'd talk about Jamie's penis in hushed tones... but eventually penis became synonymous for heater.  I borrowed Jamie's penis so often that last week she bought me my own penis.  Thank you Jamie!

We were looking at the pictures and I said I'll call this one -- looking for Jamie's penis

No one saw that it was right there all along... there on the floor. ahaha.

Yesterday we were messing around with Jamie's I-pad and she took this lovely photo of me.  We also discovered that we are 93%  compatible love match.   Don't tell Doug. ; )

And sometimes we even work... but I don't have a picture so I can't actually prove it.


  1. Get that may need it one day soon.

  2. You work in a wonderful work place. It is great to have some fun, instead of being all about work. Good for you and enjoy your own penis.

  3. LOL! I want a penis under my desk here at home now. It got cold this week and I've been layering on the clothes. Found a hideous old skirt in the WAY back of my closet, poor Dan came home for lunch to an "outfit" that would have frightened a stronger man, or maybe just a man who hadn't been married to a crazy person for nearly 30 years.

    I love your job photos, don't bother with any that show real "work" being done, these are better.

  4. Sounds like tons of fun. We aren't quite so bawdy at the library but we have plenty of fun too. It certainly makes the day fly-by!

  5. ahahaha Have to show the good.

    I love the thought of Dan coming home to an 'outfit' ahahaha love it!

  6. Ha! I just love that she's brave enough to pose like that in front of open shutters. :)

  7. She's fun and fearless. An awesome woman!