Sunday, March 11, 2012

Penny Kids and Gabe

Look who dropped back into our lives for an afternoon.
Gabe loved holding Autumn.  She's the calmest of the Penny Kids and seemed to love loving him too.

We had a sunny day here in frost bitten Utah and the Penny Kids spent some time out of doors.

You can just see Nutmeg behind Pumpkin.

Look who else had an eye on the plump, delicious Penny Kids....
This isn't the best photo.  The first one I got, which was blurry, really looked like:
"Wants me some pig.... nom, nom". 
She got canned cat food and all was well.


  1. Replies
    1. Nadja is golly -- Probably 13 years ago, so I'd guess 13 or 14. She wasn't an adult when she found us, but she wasn't a kitten either.

  2. Love your photos :) Cute aminules!

    1. Thanks, they are awfully cute. We enjoy them alot.

  3. Judie - I've enjoyed your last few blogs but I was at work where it's harder to comment. (Actually enjoy isn't the right word for the one with the psycho co-worker. More like sympathized with you.)
    Cute pix. Those guinea pigs are adorable. From afar that is. And Gabe looks so cute holding them. Of course, I have a special fondness for cats. (Don't tell Julie. In all fairness, I love dogs, too.)

    1. I won't say a word to Julie. It'll be our little secret. ;)