Friday, March 2, 2012

That's my man!

Doug has been fighting an uphill battle but it was a war that had to be waged for the sake of his students.  There is a scholarship offered here in Utah to encourage the kids to take hard classes. However there is a glitch in the system and at Doug's school (Academy of Math, Engineering and Science) the students are not eligible for the scholarship if they take the University of Utah physics course. Once the kids realized they couldn't get the scholarship by taking the U of U course they opted for the easier physics class and who can blame them, $5,000.00 is $5,000.00.

Doug has spent many hours and sent lots and lots of e-mails working his way up the "chain of comand" to try and remedy this situation.  They basically kept telling him to "Suck it up you wha baby.  It is what it is and if I see one more e-mail from you...."

Doug wasn't satified with this answer and went to the top dog Dave Buhler. When he said the same thing it seemed as if the battle was finally over.

Not when Doug goes to battle....
Doug got the opportunity to go before a committee and address the issue. 
He made them take notice AND it was in the paper.

SL Tribune

This is totally awesome.


  1. This is excellent. That ruling seems insane to the last degree, so good for Doug for fighting the idiocy.

  2. I am so proud of him. I have to tell you there were times thorough this process when I feared for his job. He so loves teaching, and I worried they might take that from him because he cared so much.

    I know, that seems like a GOOD trait in a teacher, but boat rocker... eh, not so much... but learning.. how can the education department turn their back on learning?... How can they turn their backs on the kids?

  3. I adore your man all over again.

  4. He's the best. I am so lucky we found each other again.