Sunday, March 4, 2012


Saw this guy  when I was delivering a check.  Rough day in the classroom

She said two minutes. (the fact that they are getting along... a dream of mine)

Yep.  This will hide this big box.  >.<

New space.


  1. Love the new space; electronics, books, art, sunshine.... does the patient watcher get in here as well?

    1. The Patient Watcher

      Between the high tide and the low,
      thank Mani's timely ebb and flow,
      So stands upon the twilight beach,
      a one eyed gaze of distant reach.
      Worn clothes he wares of greyish hue,
      and cloak does billow midnight blue.
      There looks unto horizon clear,
      in hand holds dear the rune carved spear.

      For distant child he came to wait,
      come travelling beyond the gate.
      stands Hanged One, High and Lord of Ghosts,
      High one, Third or Chief of Hosts.
      In Mimir's well he cast to seithe,
      the other worlds in truth perceive.
      His Midgard eye still on the right,
      while left burns bright with golden light.

      © Neal Grout

      I do believe he'd be welcome...

    2. An absolutely glorious poem...but.....I kind of meant the cat lol.

    3. hahaha I didn't think of the cats. I like it. They don't get to come in, they are porch kittys. People moved away and didn't take them and so they came to us for help.

      Bob is the inside Kitty and I'm afraid he'd have strong words for me should I allow them in. ;)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I really didn't say anyting that needed to be REMOVED. I was just finally able to get the reply button to work. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't ;)

  3. Replies
    1. It feels much more open and inviting now.

  4. You have a BLUE BALL CHAIR?! I'd sell one of my damn legs to get a ball chair!
    Oh wait, then I couldn't sit on it.

    Gorgeous pics, thanks so much.
    (The box on the porch was hysterical!)

  5. Your new space is divine!!

    Oh the little boy, so sad, lol.

    Kitties! I'm glad they're getting along.