Saturday, March 31, 2012

A - Z Challenge

The A-Z challenge starts tomorrow and I wondered what I knew enough about to actually have something to talk about A-Z. I've been working on revising (um -- re-writing) my Nano 2011 novel. I discovered at the end of Nano that I really had the making of a trilogy. Nano was then basically, discovery and back story.

As I've been re-writing I realized that I needed to build my fairy world.  The A-Z Challenge will give me the opportunity to search for creatures A-Z.  If I have a character whose name begins with a letter I will write about that character. If not then I will go exploring for denizens that can inhabit my realm.

Whispers in the North

For thousands of years the portal between the realms has been guarded by a family of powerful sorceresses. The sacred trust has always passed from mother to daughter, but Fanny's daughter ran off with a young elf and hasn't returned. Fanny's not getting any younger, as her powers wane the evil Tengu that has been trapped in the mortal realm gains strength. Fanny put out a call to both realms for her daughter to come home.

Teylor finds herself compelled to leave the life she's made for herself and head north. Into what she doesn't know. When she arrives at her destination she discovers that her mother's belief in magic was more than superstition, it is a family legacy.

Her grandmother, a powerful sorceress, has called her home to fulfill her familial obligation. Teylor distrusts magic and believes it is what killed her mother. But when Fanny becomes captured by the Tengu, Teylor must learn to use her magic, rescue her grandmother and protect the portal or the entire realm of Faery will be destroyed.

I got a picture of our porch bunny -- it is a bunny that was abandoned and I guess the strays have to stick together.  The cat in the picture is Tiger. 


  1. Your story sounds fascinating...I'll be looking forward to reading about some of your characters.

  2. Ohhh so sweet the bunny and kitty porchers!

  3. Love that picture! and your theme for A-Z is very cool :) I'll be catching up on your posts over this weekend I hope!