Saturday, June 16, 2012

I leap

The last vestiges of all my old lives got burned away this week.

Everything that tied me to the past either fled or betrayed me.
I can’t say it was a bad thing – not now that the tears have dried on my cheeks, and I’ve worked my mind around it.
It was a sad and hurtful thing – connections lost.
But, in that, is also a freedom.
The vestiges of the past have burned away.
I do believe it is time to choose:
Leap or not 

I have teetered on the edge of this new world, the world I want—
not committing to  nor denying the old.
Tip toe on the edge of a blade – knowing to lean one way or the other would cut. 
I did all to hold myself in perfect balance.
But, sometimes the wind blows and balance is not as easy as one would hope for.
The gales come. They bluster and they blow. 
Focus as one might, the balance sways.
The purifying fires of reality flare. 
The door opens and is time to choose.

I leap.


  1. Don't forget the parachute girl.

  2. Sending hugs and FGBVs. You've been through some tough times recently.

  3. Look to your right and your left... probably lots of us leaping off too. We'll all leap together!

  4. Thanks guys - Sometimes ya just gotta take that leap of faith and know that you'll land on your feet.