Friday, June 22, 2012


When things come in threes you should take notice...but what does this mean?

First Seinfeld moment:
Jess took the day off to go to Scotty's funeral.  It was an all day affair.  In order to get paid for it she had to have a note signed by the funeral home.  It didn't take place at the funeral home, it was at a church and then at the graveyard.  The obituary wasn't sufficient.

It reminded me of George trying to get a discount on air fare and the lengths he went through to get a copy of the death certificate.  It of course did not work out for him, but it did for Jess.  I made a few calls and they were more than happy to help us.

Second Seinfeld moment:
Muffin Tops - not the kind I usually sport, actual muffin tops.  Someone makes them here and a co-worker brought some in.

There was a whole episode about how muffin tops are the best part of the muffin but what do you do with the stumps.  Can't give them to the homeless as they complain that someone stole their muffin top.  Can't take 'em to the land fill.... etc.

Third Seinfeld moment:
Do you remember the episode where Elaine neighbor had a dog that barked and barked and barked.  They plotted a way to get the dog and take him out to the country where it would be happy.  Of course the dog made its way home and it didn't end well for Elaine, Kramer or Newman.

Last night our little lordling would not go to sleep and would not stop barking.  I was already asleep when Stavo put him to bed so the barking infiltrated my dreams.  I thought that my youngest son had agreed to take care of a friends puppy and a horse and had brought them both home.  I wasn't upset by the horse but the constant barking dog had me less than pleased.  At some point Elaine actually showed up in my dreams.

So...what could three Seinfeld moments within four days mean?
I can't make any sense of it.  Your thoughts?


  1. I'm not sure...possibly that you are losing your grip? lol

    1. LOL - I lost my grip a long time ago. ;)

  2. Seinfeld was, supposedly, about nothing. But in reality it was about life, and showed tiny snippets of the absurdity we all experience, on a daily basis. These three things were your own bits of the ridiculousness of being human.

    A note? Really?! Are we five?! And yet, we jump through the hoops so grieving can occur, but still not lose our jobs.

    Fatty snacks we could all live without but wow, what a sad life THAT would be. When we, as a collective society, saw that episode featuring muffin tops, we all went "YES! MUST HAVE!" And yet, we SO don't need that, as a collective, and decidedly un-healthy society. And yet, here they are, at your work, where you can't (no one really could) pass them by. They are a treat, but are they?

    Dogs bark. And we are a creative people. We have these creatures in our lives and in our homes. For comfort, for companionship, for so many reasons. And yet, they ARE animals! And we ARE human, flawed and impatient. Sometimes we end up paying the price for our First World indulgences. And sometimes we take a horse home for a friend.

    Symbolically it all means that you have many blessings, and with them, come challenges. Say Thank You. ;)

    1. Thank you!!

      ahaha I thought about this on the way to work and I thought:
      "It's a life about nothing."
      "Well, something has to happen."
      "No. No. Nothing happens."

      It is about the absurdity of life for certain and I've had my fair share of absurd. Thanks for your thoughts and again I say: Thank you. I truly am blessed with many strange and wonderful creatures in my life.