Friday, June 1, 2012

Stepped in that...

On the Chocolate Boot Camp boards I discovered that Camp Nanowrimo is June and August this year.

I thought:  Well, I'll go check it out and think about it.

I apparently signed up.  FREAK.  I've never not completed a Nano and I'm not about to start now.

Soooo for the next month, not only will I have daily word count, I'll have over all word count.  It's a good thing.  From Chocolate Boot Camp I've learned that it is not the number of words it is consistently writing every day.  The top writers in Chocolate Boot Camp consitently write.

In past Nano's I might skip a few days and then blow it out of the park with a 10,000 or more word day. So this Nano will be different, be consistent, make the word count (starting tomorrow... or maybe today. I was at work when I became an accidental participant.) 

I am a known Nano lover - but I have to say that I think I actually prefer the Chocolate Boot Camp to Nano.  I like feeling that I need to be accountable for daily word count, even if that word count is zero.  I fess up and tell myself not to do that again.  I do, but... {{shrugs}} (I'm a WIP)


  1. Well...good luck.....we'll be pulling for you.

    1. Thank you. Good new is: DH will be at sea. I'll have more time. Bad news is: DH will be at sea. =..(

  2. Ah - Dh will be at sea. Oh well, put all that missing him emotion into your work in progress!
    I'm so glad you like chocolate bootcamp.

  3. Go go go!!! You can do this!!! Yay Judie!!!

    (Was that encouraging enough? Could you see my pom poms from here?)
    (Oh hell, now I want chocolate. GOOD chocolate.)

    Off to sea? Is it that time of year already?! Jeez. He'll send home some great pictures though, I'm sure. When are you joining him? I love hearing about your ocean adventures.

  4. I agree, I think I liked it better. I was more consistent. And this month, when I don't want to write 50 000 words, it still gives me an incentive for writing daily. Good luck... though you don't need it!

    (I do miss getting the badge, though. ...Maybe we need to create chocboot badges.)