Sunday, October 28, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It is almost over -- but I love how companies cash in on the event.

I would have bought coffee anyway, but I bought the "Booby Blend", as  a percentage goes to the cause.  I think it all should but 20% is better than nothing.

Pictures you say?
Here you go..
It says Boobie Blend - Camera's flash deleted some of the words.
The reusable bag also had a percentage, even though I am not a fan of  pink.  I can stand aside and let pink happen when it is for the good of all.  


  1. How's your word count...or should I ask?

  2. Not yet. Starts November 1. But I will bring it. This I vow!!
    I Just found my story.
    This is awesome!!

  3. My friend is going through breast cancer treatment and I am so glad the research has been done so that she in all likelihood will be one of the survivors. Cheers!