Monday, October 22, 2012


I've been participating in NaNoWriMo since 2006.  The last few years I always think that I won't do it,  but as the time creeps closer the excitement starts to build and I know that I am addicted to the crazy thing.

For one month nothing matters but your writing.  Other things get done of course, life still goes on, but because you are so consumed by your story, the universe becomes a different place. Strange things get typed, strange things get said and because you are sleep deprived it all becomes funny.

I was posting on the forums and one of the questions someone asked was "What funny things do people in your life say about Nano?"

I went in search of a quote that Doug had said one year, I had posted it on my old google webpage. I found it along with a lot of other very funny things.  Well funny to me, I'll share a few.

You know NaNo has eaten your soul when...
When you get this e-mail from your sweetie. "I anxiously await the start of the craziness. Will I be seeing you for dinner during the month of November?"

Nano has eaten my soul and is now beginning to consume those I love.

You know Nano has eaten your soul when...

When you are e-mailing your fiance (now Hubbie) prior to the start of NaNo and you say this:
I actually made the word count today and that is pretty phenomenal. Oh I know, it doesn't count yet, but generally it takes me a while to build up to that. Heck a 500 word count on the first day is good for me. Maybe this year I'll be able to have Nano and a life... I know, that's just crazy talk, and indeed it is... I might pretend to have a life, but in reality there is only Nano ;)

(Yea girlfriend, wink all you want, he's already feeling the pain of your obsession.)
Because you are consumed with word count you don't stop - you just keep going and strange things can happen.

When a plot bunny hops across your Nano novel, and it is a good plot bunny.  However, you now have a new character and no name.  You can’t find the list of possible names created prior to Nano and so the character is named FINDLISTPICKNAME. 
I never did Find List Pick Name.  The rest of November she was Findlistpickname.

Another time I had forgotten a minor characters name.  The character is a healer and so I named her Sister Lortab.

The statement below truly sums of the essence of  You know Nano has eaten your soul when...
...friends want to kill you, family wants to disown you, acquaintances are annoyed though they don't know why, complete strangers pine for your demise, and the only ones that understand your fevered rantings about non-existent happenings and persons are other NaNos, the schizophrenic homeless man living under a felled tree, and God. (Though God was a little muddled by that last plot point.)
(If you're reading this Darkstars let me know and I'll give you credit)


  1. Well...good luck with it. We just won't expect you for dinner lol.

    1. I thought it was so funny. A girl still has to eat.

  2. FindListPickName - was she American Indian perhaps.
    And Sister Lortab made me snort.

    1. ahaha I never thought of that - but that would have work for FindListPickName.

  3. LOL My husband just says, "Oh. Right. November."

    1. ahaah it's only one month, they'll live ;)

  4. YAY! More NaNites! Wee can doo eet!

    Sister Lortab... I love it.

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    1. = ) Thanks for the mention on your blog!