Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween or Nano Eve

Well since I told you of my costume I guess I have to buck up and actually share a picture.  You can't see it but I have false eye lashes just at the corner of my eyes and gold sparkles that I sprayed into my hair.  You can't really see the sparkles and I wondered if they had sold me a defective can.  However, once I got to work the sparkles appeared...all over my desk.  I even have sparkly nail polish.

Less than 12 hours to Nano -  {{Squee}}

Woodland Witch perhaps?
ooooo Much Better
Now I know why people allow their pictures to be taken. 
These were altered at picmonkey.
What a wonderful discovery.


  1. Absolutely, take it easy on that chocolate tonight.

    1. Damn! I was afraid someone was going to say that!!

      I made sure I bought treats that for the most part don't tempt me.

  2. Have fun on nano eve! You look enchanting.

  3. Oh I love that outfit, you look incredible! Enchanting, even. No more shying away from the camera for you, Missy.

    In answer to your question about dressing up, no. But I do enjoy the holiday, as it's our New Year. :)

    1. Happy New Year's!

      I am working on not being shy - it is hard. Some days I do better with the 'it is what it is' attitude than others. ;)

  4. Geez, I could have sworn I commented here. Your costume looks great! I went to PicMonkey and I love it!