Friday, October 12, 2012

Flying on no sleep

Not entirely true.

I know I slept because I had dreams that I really, really had to get some sleep.

I am watching The Captain while the kids escape for a wee bit of a honeymoon.  He's too little to go to Doggy Day Care with his brother.  The poor pup was content enough following Chester around and doing doggy things but when bed time came something wasn't right.  "Where's momma?  Nanna, where's my daddy?"   I snuggled with him but it was a rough night and now I am feeling the effects of it.

I answered the phone:

"Good After.. morning."  Alrighty then.  Since after morning would still be afternoon I should have just stuck with the afternoon and let the people on the other end puzzle it out for themselves.

I typed a legal, hit spell check and it thought that the word I'd misspelled should be replaced with ... are you ready?  Bitch.  REALLY?  I laughed and laughed and laughed.

No sure what my poor co-workers are thinking.
All I can say is:  "Nano's coming and for 30 days this will be the norm."
Get ready!! 

I should have typed California - I typed Caledonia and it is apparently a word.  At least I caught it before I sent the document out.

I really, really, really need some sleep.  Wish me luck!


  1. Heck, I can do things like that even with lots of sleep.

  2. Sleep well! And I won't admit the things I do having had a full night's sleep.