Thursday, October 18, 2012

My How Time Flies

38 years ago today I met Doug.

He asked me out and I turned him down.  I said I had to watch my sister. It was a lie. What I really had to do was break up with my current boyfriend. 

Looking back I find it hilarious.  The relationship must have been on the ropes anyway?  I don't remember much about that part. But for whatever reason I could not date Mike if I intended to date Doug.  I apparently was as goofy in high school as I am today.

Happy Anniversary Doug!
I am glad that you saw fit to ask me out again.
I am glad that you are patient, understanding and put up with my quirks.


  1. Happy, happy Anniversary- and wishes for many more happy years!!!

  2. Ah you remember the day you met. Sweet.

    1. How we remember the day is freaking funny. You would think that it was me that marked the day. Nope!! Doug wrote in my year book October 18- Bless the day I met you.

  3. I love this story so very much......

  4. Wow - now it won't let me reply to Julie. Blog Spot never ceases to amaze me. It is a fun story and I enjoy telling it.

    We have a ton of crazy stories: He pronounced me dead once - it obviously didn't take. ;)

  5. We've had some good times and hopefully will have lots more to come. I don't remember the time I supposedly declared you dead, but I do remember the time you wanted to kill me... for bringing my yearbook camera to the high school prom. If you weren't such a forgiving soul I'd be pushing up daisies right now.