Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sooo who's dressing up for Halloween?

I love Halloween. I think it is such a fun time of year.  I love the decorations, the costumes, the trick or treaters. 

I love dressing up for Halloween too.  This year I'm going as a woodland fairy.  It is a costume I made a few years back and I'm recycling it this year.  Yes, you read that right.  I actually MADE the thing... well, I bought a dress at Ross and modified it.  I always amaze myself when I think I can do something that for all intents and purposes I should NOT be able to do and it works out!!  Sometimes I am amazing. ;)

Is anyone else dressing up?

Do you have any fun traditions for Halloween?

When the kids were little we always went to my Mom's house.  She made chili and spiced cider for us to eat before the kids when out for their goodies.

My favorite is the Halloween box.
 It is a big box that holds all the Halloween costumes the kids or I have ever worn. Many impromptu costumes have been thrown together from that box. 

One year Jess went as Cleopatra and she convinced me to let her color her hair black (temporarily), I botched the job and it looked GREY.  In grade school my daughter when as OLD CLEOPATRA.

Another year we took clothes from the box and made a scarecrow that sat by the front door for the entire month of October. On Halloween we took out the stuffing and put Jaker in the clothes.  Many screams were heard when the scarecrow came to life.

Halloween is just fun.


  1. Sounds like your house is a fun place at Halloween. One year I dressed as a witch and sat on the porch (it was a fairly warm night for a change). I scared some of those little kids ****less lol.

  2. Happy Halloween! No, I did not dress up...well, I guess I did for the Halloween party I went to on Saturday. I still have no pics of me as I forgot my camera. Damn it!

    1. I forgot to bring my camera too. I'll see if Jamie will get a picture on her phone.

      Happy Halloween!!