Sunday, May 1, 2011

McDonald Ew Bird

In Julie's blog the other day she was talking about the "secret language" that famies acquire. My daughter and I were 'steping' on the Wii and she was complaining that it didn't like her big feet. 
I said, "It seems to me that it wants you to do the McDonald Ew Bird." 
She of course knew what I meant.
At the time I had to laugh because I'd read Julie's blog only the day before.

What's the McDonald Ew Bird you inquire?

Hahaha I've spent the morning going over last summer's blog to find the McDonald Ew Bird. It was right at the beginning of the blog.  I tried to link the post like Julie does, but it took it to a whole page.  I went ahead and left the link incase you want to see what we were up to last summer.  If not, I copied the paragraph below the link.

McDonald Ew Bird

Off to the side of the dock in the marshy grass, a bird so blue it was almost black, tip toed its way in pursuit of breakfast. It lifted its foot so high, and then placed it gingerly down before lifting the other, as if to say, 'ew, ew, ew I should have gone to McDonald's. I hate cold breakfast.' Then without warning its baby blue bill plunges into the grass. What delicacy it found we will never know. But it can't be as good as a sausage, cheese biscuit. Just sayin'


  1. I love this! Ew ew ew, lol! And it just always makes me so smiley when I inspire someone else.

    From yesterday, about the tweeties, well I only signed up because I wanted to follow Craig Ferguson, and now I'm following a few others, and tweeting along as if I actually had shit to say. There are many Betties there so we sometimes chat, if they find themselves in the throes of insomnia that is. My tweety name is the same as the blog: UrthaLun
    (What do I tweet about? Dumb crap like how loud the dog is snoring or what my mother wants for a gift and when a new post goes up, nothing news worthy, but still kinda fun.)

  2. that's so cute (the bird i mean)