Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Discovery Writing and Ducks

Part of our assignment this week is to discover our voice.  To do this we look at something we wrote to a trusted friend when we were free to just be ourselves. Gives us a feel for what we do naturally, are we short and concise, flowery etc.

Near as I can figure, my sentences ramble on, are punctuated by brief spurts of dialogue and odd observances, that I may or may not feel the need to expound upon.
Case in point, this from an e-mail.

I saw a peacock on my way home this morning.  It was crossing the road.

I also saw two ducks playing 'chicken' in the road.  I think the female was trying to convince the drake that people really would stop.  I was getting closer, and closer and was beginning to wonder WTF when a third duck, another drake, came skuddling out into the road, a half fly-half walk sort of thing, he rounded up the other two ducks and forced them to safety.  I can just imagine what he was saying, "You are both dumb asses.  They stop for the freaking babies you morons!!!"

On to the next part of the assignment. ; )

I always marvel at ducks.  Here in Utah when the mom's are moving the babies, they will cross very busy roads, we are talking some with three lanes on each side.  I have seen people stop and simply wait, honking at other cars to stop.  "Stop damn it."  While others will actually get out of their cars, putting themselves between the cars barrelling down on them and the ducklings until they are safe on the other side. Remarkable.  Don't get me wrong I will certainly stop for the babies, but get out of the car?  Not so much.

One duck, in the complex where my boys live, had her babies on the roof. Was this planned? Did it provide ssafety from cats? Whatever the thought process, she had her babes, and they were ready to face the world.   Just one little thing standing in her way.  Getting them down.

My youngest son was there for the 'dropping of the ducks'.  Mom duck was quack, quack, quacking, waddling back and forth in front of the office.  John thought WTF? Suddenly a baby duck plummets from the roof and lands on the grass.  It gets up and waddles around dazed, shakes it off and then adds its voice to his mother's to get the other sibs to take the leap of faith and get off the roof.

Ducks amaze me.


  1. Ducks are cool! I love animals in general :)

  2. I used to drive down a road that had a fairly high speed limit, no stops, between a golf course and a corn field. Mother duck leading babies across road. I couldn't even see what was happening until it was too late. (Just to give extra context, I'm a vegan.) Only time in my life I've hit an animal with my car. So. Horrifying. Horrifying.

  3. (Oh also, they spanned the entire road at that point. There was no way around, other than for me to go in the ditch, which I don't have the instinct to do. I'm a timid driver-gal.)

  4. That would be so awful. But I agree going into the ditch was not the answer.