Saturday, May 14, 2011

Two out of three...

I still have a day left to make it three out of three.  Oh, and there is still the sound track. *big sigh*

I am taking a couple of classes from Lucy March, aka Lani, on the Discovery process.  I love her way of teaching and I love the way her mind works - it isn't the usual "Slot A into Tab B" kind of teaching.  It just clicks for me.

Having said that our assignments for the week:
a) make a sound track 
b) write at least 500 words of an event that happened to your protagonist and at least two other major characters.

That sounds easy and if I had been willing to just punch out a couple of scenes I could have finished it up on Sunday.  However, I didn't want to do that.  I tried being a blank slate. I pondered the character I wanted to write about and waited for her to 'share'. 

I am going to have to remember this 'quiet spot' in the future. It was 'slow' but it sure beat writing something only to say, "Well, that doesn't work.  Nope not that or that or that."  This story has been a long time in the coming, but I think once I let it out it will be worth it. The Card took me years and in the end I was pleased.

One thing I discovered: 
Why did Breanna bring Kat back to the Isle? 
I fought it, did everything I could to not let this happen, but Kat HAD to come back to the Isle. I knew this months ago, but could never reconcile it to myself as a 'reader'.  It made no sense.  All the things my little brain could contrive to make it work, simply did not.

I waited patiently for Vanora to speak, as she shared her story she also told me why Breanna brought Kat back.  Awesomeness.  Now I can move past that stumbling block.

I've been working on the sound track too.  I have some great music and as I listen I can say, that's a turning point, oh, that is so Vanora etc.  Now I just have to put it all together.  I was hoping to do that last night so Jaker could help me 'make it work' with burning it to a CD.  But alas I had a gathering last night and didn't make it that far.  This is a new computer, maybe it will be more user friendly or maybe I'll have to call poor Jaker and have him talk me through it over the phone.  He's done that on more than one occasion.  He's such a great and PATIENT kid.

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