Monday, May 30, 2011

I know it can be done...

I did it last year.  In fact, I packed for an entire summer in the same bag that I'm attempting to pack for only two weeks in.  How did I do it?  Last year I even packed sweats and shoes I didn't need. Perhaps once I get to the actual packing, I will find that it some how magically fits. But for now...

Today is my one year anniversary to my dear hubby.
We celebrated by taking an adventure... first we scoped out places where his students could launch a rocket they'd made.  That adventure was full of dirt roads, dust and some amazing sights just to the west of civilization. Ponds that had formed from all the rain, ducks, geese, birds I didn't know.  At one spot we came across a Wet Land refuge (I know there is a name, it is escaping me) across the street from the dump.  Makes it nice for the birds I suppose, their home is on display for the human species, but only those with defective olfactory nerves would come near.

Our adventure continued with the quest for the SciFi convention that was in town.  The website didn't say much about it and so we thought to poke our nose in and see if it was worth our time.  We knew the name of the hotel and that was all.  We drove around down town SLC looking for a name on the side of the building.  We did eventually find it, but the offerings left for the nights activities, while intriguing to me as a writer... not really worth the cost for the little bit of time we would have stayed.

Next we're off to find a restaurant.  Once again we only have a rough idea where it might be located.  We do eventually find it but the wait was too long.  The quest begins anew with another idea, but no definite location.  We never did find the restaurant we were looking for, but we did find, "Ruth's Chris Steak House"  We'd both heard good things about this place and decided that we had arrived at our destination.

OMG, it was delicious.  Pricey, but worth it. 

So with full bellies we called it a night.

Happy Anniversary my Dear Hubby.


  1. Happy anniversary right back atcha dear wifey. Thanks for putting up with the search for a rocket launching site. Some wives wouldn't think too highly of that as a pre-anniversary dinner activity. I'm glad you put up with it... and with my many other idiosyncracies.

  2. Happy Happy to you both!!!