Sunday, May 15, 2011

Random Thoughts

Successes for the week:

I was in the throws of having a melt down on Friday.  To voice it out loud makes it sound really stupid, but I guess it is what it is.  I was getting thrown out of my 'normal' routine and not coping well with the prospect. 

Over on Julie's Blog she has been reading and sharing experts from My Stroke of Insight. And one of those was that it takes 90 seconds to form a neurological pathway.  The longer we stay in an emotion the deeper the pathway, the harder it is to break the cycle.  The goal would be to distract your mind with positive affirmations during the first 90 seconds and break the cycle.

I was well beyond the 90 second rule. 

My husband got an e-mail at work: "I'm having angst."   I hadn't gone into full blown panic attack yet, but it wasn't looking good.  I thought that by naming my demon I might be able to get past it.  Loving support from my hubbie and some major grit on my part helped me to get past the moment and I actually 'changed things up.'  YaY.

I WAS able to rip a CD and burn a CD all by myself.
When my son came over he showed me an easier way. 
But still. ;)

I got the assignment finished for the one Discovery class and just need to pull the sound track together for the other.  I'm thinking mission will be accomplished.

On Trisha's Blog Word + Stuff she posted a blog worth following and I found that her assessment was spot on.  It has vintage photo's and they are really fun to look at.  Vintage Everyday

Bob has gotten past the 'attack of the coffee' and has begun sharing my desk with me in the mornings again.  I'm happy for that as I enjoy having the little fur ball around.

Oh, and I saw a peacock crossing the road early this morning.  True story.

All in all, not a bad week.


  1. Glad you like Vintage Everyday too :) I think it's really cool!

    Bob is so cute!!

  2. You did great! This TOTALLY works doesn't it?! And man ohman, a new blog to poke around in, way fun. With your fabulous finale being... a peacock. I'm callin' this a win Judie!

  3. I love hippie vibe of this phrase: "I'm thinking mission will be accomplished."

    It's like... yeah man... this mission, I'm thinking, like, it WILL be acCOMplished. Saweet. One little angst attack but it's cool runnings from here on out. Peace.