Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It still works...

Well, K seems a bit sticky.

Yesterday, as is my habit, I was drinking coffee and checking out blogs etc.  Bob sits on my desk and helps me type. My desk has two tiers, one holds the monitor and my coffee cup and the other is where the cat and the keyboard reside. Did I put the coffee too close to the edge? Was Bob jealous of the coffee and decide to give it a warning nudge? We will never know.

The coffee did not spill.  The cup jumped from the tallest tier and landed flat bottomed on the lower tier and suddenly I had Old Faithful erupting on my desk, on my book case, on my nick knacks, on me... Needless to say, the cat fled the scene. I'm flipping the keyboard over trying to shake out the coffee, coffee that is a bit sticky because I've been using protein shakes instead of milk.  I get the mess cleaned up and go to have a talk with Bob about the whole thing. 

His tail is a registered weapon, I kid you not. His tail is forever knocking things over.  Not just random things, isolated things.  There can be three items in close proximity and he'll send one of them tumbling to its doom. He's a cat, I have to believe that this is intentional.

When I found Bob I bent down to pet him and he was soaked.  I cleaned him and brushed him and we all came out just a little worse for the wear.  Bob has chosen not to sit with me this morning and I am finding some major sticky keys. 


  1. The eternal battle between the beverage and the keyboard. Really, Bob was just an innocent pawn in their twisted game.

  2. Dog tails act in a very similar fashion, but generally it is just dumb luck. Husbands are often hard on keyboards as well, or at least the kind who snack on sunflower seeds (with shells) in the "home office" are.... my space bar will never work properly again.

  3. Oh dear. Sunflower shells? That would take a toll.

    Day two and Bob has not joined me at my desk when there is coffee around.