Friday, May 6, 2011

I've been a slacker

I could say it was because nothing interesting has happened this week.  And that is true but the reason nothing interesting is happening is because I went into hibernation mode.  Hard to see interesting things when you're not poking your nose out of the old hole in the ground from time to time.
Work has been overwhelming.  We just moved to a new location.  Change isn't my strong suit.  Life was encroaching from all angles.  My vigilance as to my personal space was not top notch and soon every one was intruding again.  Intruding sounds like a harsh word, bit it really sums up the feeling of...OMG back off.
 I swear I was a hermit in another life.

I've taken a week of: EVERYBODY JUST BACK OFF.

I was going to use Yosemite Sam to illustrate but I realized he is what my VIGILANT protector of personal space should be.

This week it is more like the picture below...
You know, that moment when you're doing your thing unaware of what's going on around you and suddenly there is someone there... yep, kind of like that.

So, I'm taking a deep breath and I think I might be ready to face the universe again.



  1. I am not usually a fan of pictures instead of words (as my own non-illustrated, verbose, and overly long posts can testify) but Judie, these are perfection!!!

    Hope you get some personal space back soon. (I think I was a hermit too.)

  2. Me, too. I always breathe a sigh of relief when I draw the hermit card because it means I can legitimately pull into my shell for awhile! Take your time coming out, sometimes you need a break.

  3. In my last job, they introduced a lot of change in one year, and while I'm ok with it, it ticked me off at how poorly rolled out it all was -- because I knew it would upset the slow-changers, and indeed it did. And THEN my bosses of course got impatient and blamed the slower changing staff for having bad attitudes etc. ... Ya I don't work there anymore. You go on and protect yourself ma'am!