Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

We celebrated Mom's Day on Saturday because everyone who knows this  mom KNOWS that Sunday's are my decompress day.  Now I may do things with my day, but they are always things of my choosing.  It is one of the small ways I try to keep my sanity.

When asked what I wanted I said a BBQ would be nice.
So last night we had hamburgers and brats that Jake cooked on the grill.  He bought all kinds of fancy buns along with any possible cheese selection your heart could desire. My daughter made her famous potato salad.  It really is to die for.  Doug brought, oh man, I can't remember the name.  Grape leaves with a rice, meat mixture inside... starts with a D... for delicious.  It was really fun.

The kids also got me a new ceiling fan. The old one died last year after sixteen years of loyal service. Much appreciated since the weather decided to warm up for Mom's Day.  I also got a couple of pounds of this delicious coffee that I recently fell in love with.  It was an awesome Mom's Day.  I've got great kids.

I took the camera and got a few pics of the kids.

                  Jake                                                                            Adam

                                                                    Jess and Stavo

This is my Grand-Cat Conan. 

Jake belongs to him.  In the picture of Jess and Stavo you can see behind them a ginorous carpeted structure.  It is a cat tree that Jake built for Conan.  It has height, it has hidy holes, it has everything a cat could desire.   Conan was not very happy in this picture.  We were outside in the atrium and had shut the screen door.  He did not deign to use the cat door and felt that one of his royal subjects should open the screen door.  When that did not happen he got grumpy and repaired to his cat house where he could ignore the inferior species that was crowding his home.

Happy Mom's Day to all the mother's out there and to the kids who appreciate them.


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you Judie!!

  2. Great way to celebrate. And thanks for sharing the pics!
    (But now I want to see Adam's left arm closer.)

  3. Dolmathes... that's the word for it.

  4. It is quite the artwork. I'll will try to get a close up for you the next time I see him.

    He finally clothed the lady on his lower arm. When we went to Disney Land a few years back he had to place a strategic band-aid ;))

    Jake has tattoo's too but he thought he might work in an office someday and all his are above the sleeve line.

    Doug - Thanks for the word.

  5. Lovely family! (But as a cat lover over babies, I have to say that Conan's the one who really caught my eye.)