Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm a grandma again...

As only it can happen in my family.
We have a thing for the critters. 
Cat's, dogs, rodents (all kinds but especially rats), fish...
Once the kids had snails for pets, tad poles turned to frogs,
I think I've mentioned the pill bug my daughter named Fluffy, no she never will live that one down. ;)

Without further ado I present to you Fred.
We have now added reptiles to the collection 

The photos are a little fuzzy. 
They are taken from a cell phone because grandma forgot to charge the camera.

He's a bearded lizard.

He eats mill worms and crickets.

I am glad that I am grandma and only have to visit Fred and not feed him.


  1. Fred is a cutie!! Love him :)

  2. I love grand-pets! Welcome to repitle grandmother-hood, it's not so bad. And yes, Fred is adorable!!!