Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Table

As I was cleaning house yesterday I  'pledged' the kitchen table, then put back the place mats, bamboo plant and salt and pepper shakers.  A nice orderly table, a place to sit and enjoy each other's company and we often do.


Yesterday I thought about the time I threw out the kitchen table.  Yep, left a huge hole in the middle of the kitchen.  Table was gone.  I didn't think anything about it at the time. I saw no need for a table. So, no table.

During my daughter's 'dark days'.  Very dark days, we could have up to three sessions a week depending on what was going on.  She's worked through it and is fine now.  But back then one of her many 'helpers' suggested sitting at the table and eating together.

"No table."
"Why not?"
"It was nothing but a cluster f*** and I saw no need to keep it."
Of course with a statement like this he had to delve further. 
The table at my house only collected junk and irritated me.  The kids had a desk for school work.  We all had odd schedules and eating together wasn't happening. 

He asked about the table at my parents home, what was it like growing up?

It was a place of turmoil, a place where you had to eat what was put in front of you, a place for my parents to fight, a place where you'd gulp your food and ask to be excused, if the gods were kind your request was granted and you were allowed to escape to the safely of your room. Not a happy place.

My father was still alive at the time and very much 'my father'. I had no desire to hear his comments or deal with his opinion of what I should or should not do with regards to my daughter and so I did the thing I could do. 

I threw out the table.

Ahahaha  THAT'S my rebellion.

Wow... awesome job.

My rebellions never make much sense to anyone but me.
I'd get pissed at my boss and "I'd show him!!!"  I would come to work on TIME and I had a soda in my hand to PROVE to him that I was on time on purpose.  I wasn't just running late.

Yep, pretty lame.... but it made me feel good at the time.
I guess what ever works, works.


  1. My dining room table and chair set is a hand-me-down from my aunty. She had it in the 80s, it's still good :)

  2. We make the stands that work for us. I totally see why the table had to go.

  3. That is awesome. lol I'm all for throwing out "standard furniture" that we don't see a use for, and using rooms in non-standard ways. And once you saw a use for a table again, you brought it back. Fresh!